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Reasons Why Dental Membership Makes Sense

Reasons Why Dental Membership Makes Sense

Dental concierge memberships offer a variety of benefits to patients, including:

  • Cost predictability:  No surprise billings. Have comfort in knowing you are going to be billed the same amount for each family member and that up and beyond services will be quoted in advance.

How it works?

Instead of dealing with dental insurance, you pay a set annual or monthly fee that covers preventive care and often includes discounts on restorative procedures. This can be helpful for budgeting your dental care. Preventive care will allow more frequent visits, reduction in more expensive procedures and increase in preventing serious dental issues.

  • Preventive care focus:  Concierge plans typically emphasize preventive care, such as cleanings, exams, and x-rays, which can help avoid more expensive problems down the road.

  • Enhanced appointment flexibility:  Some concierge programs offer extended hours, weekend appointments, or priority scheduling, making it easier to fit dental care into your busy life. Patients find they use the dentist more frequently and each appointment is more efficient.

  • Improved patient experience:  Concierge practices often strive to provide a more personalized and comfortable experience, with amenities and reduced wait times. You will also have access to emergency support. We for patients with periodontal care this truly makes the most sense as they will need that support and access to the dental care team.

  • Potential for additional benefits:  Chestnut Dental’s concierge membership plans may have extra benefits to discounts on teeth whitening, fluoride treatments, laser cleanings, and dental products discounts.

Chestnut Dental is a family centric dental care practice located in Los Alamitos, CA.  Chestnut Dental offers a very valuable and affordable concierge dental membership plan for families. Get professional dental care, teeth cleaning and preventive maintenance service at a fixed cost. No longer do you need to deal with insurance plans, or debate on whether to call when in pain.