Chestnut Dental Welcomes Dr. Laura L. Auxier D.M.D.

In our commitment to provide “personalized dental care™,” we are very excited to announce our newest addition to the Chestnut Dental practice,  Dr. Laura L. Auxier DMD. She brings years of experience and new energy to our Los Alamitos practice. As a dentist, Dr. Auxier truly understands our family dentistry philosophy.  She believes that dentistry is more than working on teeth. It is about building lasting relationships with patients and those in the dental community.

Dr. Auxier has over 20 years of experience working in all positions within a dental office. She has worked as a dental assistant, insurance billing coordinator, treatment plan coordinator, diagnostic equipment trainer and scheduler.  Dr. Auxier has always possessed a passion for dentistry, and brings a desire to help patients achieve happiness with their smiles, as she is always striving for functional, aesthetic results with every procedure.

In 2005, she began work with BioResearch Inc, as a diagnostic equipment trainer. This took her traveling the US and Canada, to train dental team members on how to record accurate diagnostic data for the stomatognathic system, including the health or dysfunction of TMJ. Dr. Auxier is extremely excited to be part of the Chestnut Dental practice and looking forward to bringing her new techniques and knowledge in the area of Jaw Problems ( TMJ-Temporomandibular Joint and TMD-Temporomandibular Disorders) and orthodontics with Invisalign.

Dr. Auxier is such an accomplished professional and very approachable. Don’t fret if you can’t pronounce Dr. Laura’s last name (AUCK-sir). It took us a few times to get it right.

“Patients have already commented on her gentle and caring chairside manner and her highly competent skill set. She will be a very good fit for our patients” – Barton A. Kubelka



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